Tully Madsen, Interior Assistant

Turning a house into a home is a great ambition. Sometimes we all need a little assistance and that’s where I come in. I study your home and consult with yourself and / or your family. We make a plan and follow through. Sometimes its harder than we think and very time consuming but my project with your home is always completed with purpose in mind.


what I Offer

I provide home organisation and decluttering services, for either one room or the whole house. Popular options are toy rooms, linen cupboards, clothes, bedrooms and kitchens

I can assist with decoration of your home using your own items and rearrangement – or to assist in buying and finding items that will transform your space into what you are looking for. The ideal is to start a room fresh and make it shine. We all have a different way we want our home and my attention to detail is to make you dream come alive. 

Cleaning is important to see where I can really make your area shine. I offer ongoing cleaning and spring cleaning.

When we move houses, the daunting time-consuming problem is unpacking and space placement. The unpacking can be difficult to find homes. My skills come into play to help make the new area easy to move about and access with utilising space you have available. 

We all have different ideas of how we want our home to look, and my attention to detail is the key to making your dream home come alive. 


I offer reasonable prices, and charge per hour. I can offer flexible payment options for people, including pay as you go payments.

My first consultation is free and available over phone, email or messenger. A visual of the space is necessary either via photos or in person.


What People Say

Tully transformed our home, from a clutterd mess to a clean, welcoming space. I'd recommend Tully to help with any aspect of your home design!
Sarah, Toowoomba
Tully helped with our home move last year - she was instiumental in helping pick the layout of the furniture, and making sure all our possesions were properly organised. 5 star service!
Andy, Warwick

Get in touch

I’d love to hear from you – please drop me a message below, and I’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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